Neat or in cocktails, there are several ways to appreciate this versatile drink. Find the best ways to taste Adega Velha. Old Brandy has a rich and complex flavour, thanks in part to the distillation and aging process in oak barrels. The way you drink it enhance its aromas of fruits, spices, wood, and other flavours. Find the best ways to taste Adega Velha and elevate your experience.

Let your creativity flow with these 4 cocktails ideas and raise a glass to the best things in life! The Portuguese National Cocktail Day is celebrated on May 18th, kicking off those long, sunny days to come. At Adega Velha, we prepared 4 cocktail ideas to surprise your friends with your bartending skills. This is the perfect opportunity to gather friends and family and put on a show. Don’t miss these suggestions for a sunset party or for a fun night in – and turn your kitchen or bar into a cocktail hotspot.