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Adega Velha

Fruit of a family dream, Adega Velha is a brandy with more than 50 years of history, which remains loyal to its profile of excellence, accompanying generations and their singularities.

Adega Velha is a brandy, aged in oak barrels, obtained through the distillation of wine.

In the case of Adega Velha, the wine used has the Denomination of Controlled Origin, from the region of Vinhos Verdes. The region is distinctive for its native grape varieties, freshness, and maritime influence enabling the production of a unique brandy.

The Adega Velha brandy is obtained from wines made from red grapes in this region, combining the complexity and freshness of intense fruit aromas. The old Adega, where Adega Velha is aged, is a very special building at Quinta da Aveleda.

Adega Velha combines tradition and innovation, with a portfolio of 4 distinct references, exclusive and with unique characteristics. Quality, prestige, and authenticity are the main pillars that have driven the brand since its origin.


chave adega velha
Século XVIII e XIX

18th and 19th Century

At the end of the 18th century, Francisco de Horta Machado, the first Portuguese Ambassador to Imperial Russia, brought an elegant bottle from St Petersburg, which had caught his attention by its unusual character. In the following century, the bottle would be offered to Manoel Pedro Guedes, owner of Casa d'Avelleda, as a celebration of the first wine productions on the property.
Início do século XX

Early 20th Century 

In the darkness of the Adega Velha, Roberto Guedes carried out the first experiments with Vinho Verde distillations. The tests of these barrels, presented by António Guedes to Amândio Galhano, who sent samples to Cognac resulted in the desire to develop a singular brandy.
Fim do século XX

End of the 20th Century

In 1971, one of the first Vinho Verde brandies was born - Adega Velha, in honor of the place where everything started. Amber coloured and resulting from a long rest in oak casks from the Limousin region, António Guedes found the perfect nectar for the bottle kept since the time of his great-grandfather.
Início do século XXI

Early 21st Century

The excellence of Adega Velha made it a very famous and wanted brandy all over the country. The success of the first edition was such that the available production rapidly sold out.
Hoje em dia


Adega Velha´s history remains unchanged.​ Inheriting the prodigious knowledge and memory of the master winemakers Adega Velha is still produced as a true masterpiece.

Distillation Process

It all starts in the vineyards of the Vinho Verde Region, and in the careful selection of the best red grapes.

Distillation Process

It all starts in the vineyards of the Vinho Verde Region, and in the careful selection of the best red grapes.