Special DatesBest gifts for Father’s Day with Adega Velha

Best gifts for Father’s Day with Adega Velha

Father’s Day is on the 19th of March. If you still don’t have the perfect present, Adega Velha suggests a few ideas so you can surprise and share unique moments with your father.


Adega Velha 6 Years Old Reserva Pack with Arcádia Chocolate

The perfect gift for connoisseurs of a wine spirit that reveals fresh notes of apricot and dried fruit with hints of citrus on the palate, in a perfect pairing with Arcádia chocolates.

2. For the Modern Father

Adega Velha 6 Years Old Reserva

Adega Velha 6 Years Old Reserva is the perfect choice for homemade cocktail experiences. In addition to the Adega Velha Twist cocktail suggested on the box of this brandy, you can also create other Adega Velha cocktails.

3. For the COLLECTOR father

Adega Velha Pack

An exquisite collectible, with 3 tubes of 6, 12, and 30-year-old Adega Velha old brandy, offers a journey through the senses and time. A special suggestion for old brandy lovers.

4. For the Classic FATHER

Adega Velha 12 Years XO

The most iconic old brandy and the first blend to be produced at Quinta da Aveleda, Adega Velha 12 Anos XO is considered one of Portugal’s best spirits. With a rich aroma of toasted coffee beans and dried fruit, and a dense, velvety texture, it has an intense, long finish.

5. For the Surprising Father

Adega Velha 13 Years Duplo Estágio

Amber in colour and intense in tone, Adega Velha 13 Years Duplo Estágio has a rich and complex aroma, with a perfume of fruity and ripe notes and nuances of dried fruit resulting from ageing in Port wine casks. A surprising choice.

6. For the demanding father

Adega Velha 30 Years

Adega Velha 30 Years Old, the most special old brandy of Adega Velha, is the best gift for the most demanding palates, who appreciate the care and attention that this brandy requires as it ages in French oak barrels.

The important thing on this day is to share memorable moments.

You can find these and other suggestions on the Aveleda Shop website or in the shop at Quinta da Aveleda in Penafiel.


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