Adega Velha6 perfect food pairings for Adega Velha

6 perfect food pairings for Adega Velha

garrafa da aguardente da adega velha 6 anos numa mesa de jantar
Smooth and rich, Adega Velha is a real treat for the senses. The delicate aromas of caramel, coffee, chocolate, and nuts pair perfectly with sweet desserts, cheese or with authentic Italian gastronomy. Here are six perfect pairings to try at your next dinner party.

1. Pão de Ló and Adega Velha 30 years: a surprising combination

The soft and sweet texture of the traditional Portuguese sponge cake, Pão de Ló, blends perfectly with Adega Velha 30 Years Old, awakening soft notes of wood and a fruity fragrance at every sip. This brandy presents a surprising fusion of aromas: vanilla, fruitcake, and orange peel, surrounded by a delicate oak sensation. The experience is made even more memorable by serving Adega Velha 30 Years Old on ice, an unexpected element that balances the warmth of the brandy with a soft touch of freshness, in a revitalising sensory twist.

2. Chocolate truffles with Adega Velha Duplo Estágio: pure indulgence

Adega Velha Duplo Estágio is the ideal brandy to accompany a sweet dessert with chocolate and/or coffee. Try it with chocolate truffles, small wonders carefully prepared to provide an intense sensation of pleasure. This combination highlights the velvety texture of the brandy, prolonging an aromatic complexity in a soft and silky finish with notes of fruits, honey, and spices.

3. Tiramisu with Adega Velha 6 Years Old Reserve: elegance and creaminess

Travel through the streets of Rome aboard the classic Italian tiramisu, where creamy mascarpone and robust coffee come together. Each layer is enhanced by the velvety touch of Adega Velha brandy. By combining Adega Velha 6 Years Old Reserve with this Italian delicacy, the most subtle aromas emerge together in an even more sophisticated experience. A true declaration of love for Italian gastronomy.

4. Cheese board and Adega Velha Twist: explosion of flavours

A cheese board is a real feast for the senses, offering a variety of aromas and flavours, from soft and creamy to intense and spicy. By pairing a curated cheese board with Adega Velha Twist, you can enjoy a unique experience of contrasts. The spicy ginger pairs with the sweetness of orange, enveloping the palate in a refreshing and delicious sensation. Each piece of cheese comes to life with the soft embrace of Adega Velha Twist.

5. Focaccia and Adega Velha Mule Cocktail: Italian tradition

A succulent Focaccia, prepared with olive oil and aromatic herbs, goes great with the refreshing and sophisticated Adega Velha Mule Cocktail. The lime and mint in this cocktail are very refreshing and perfect for a warm summer day. A combination that elevates the experience of the Mediterranean flavours.

6. Charcuterie and Adega Velha The Alchemist: alchemy of flavours

The robust and authentic flavours of smoked meats, delicately aromatised with selected spices, harmonise perfectly with Adega Velha The Alchemist. An intriguing mix of flavours, where apple notes are heightened by the vigour of chocolate and orange, balancing the prepared meats. Perfect for those who are not afraid of venturing into complex aromas.

Adega Velha, always there for the best moments of life

Whether with delicious desserts, exquisite dishes, or just a great conversation, Adega Velha is the brandy makes the best moments of life even more special.


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