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Visiting the Adega Velha is to witness the resting of a unique brandy protected by the imposing granite walls. We invite you to discover this atmosphere of aromas at Quinta da Aveleda.

Adega Velha - Destilação

The Process

How is Adega Velha produced?

In the case of Adega Velha, everything begins in the vineyards of the Vinho Verde Region, and in the careful selection of the best red grapes, for their acidity and low sugar content, thus allowing a light and balanced wine.

The wine is then subjected to two slow and careful distillations in an alembic Charentais, acquired in the Cognac region in France. After the distillation process, the brandy is aged in French oak barrels from the Limousin region.

Destilação - A Vindima
First Stage

The Grape Harvest​

The harvest takes place at the end of summer. The ideal wine to produce a good brandy must have low alcohol content, high acidity and some lees to protect the liquid from undesirable aromas. Since red wine has all these attributes, the base for Adega Velha brandy is ready.
Destilação - Destilação
Second Stage

The Distillation Process

The wine is then exposed to two slow and careful distillation in Charentais stills, where the "heads" and "tails" are rejected and only the "heart" of the brandy is used. This process lasts a few months (usually from November to January).
Destilação - Seleção "Eaux-de-vie"
Third Stage

"Eaux-de-vie" Selection

The "heart" of the first distillation is rich in pleasant aromas and the "heart" of the second distillation is the final eau-de-vie.
Destilação - Envelhecimento
Fourth Stage

Ageing Adega Velha

The brandy is aged in French oak barrels from the Limousin region, where it remains during several years until it reaches the ideal characteristics to integrate the batch of a new brandy.
Destilação - Elaboração do Lote
Fifth Stage

The final Blend

The batch is created by averaging the ages of the different eau-de-vie that compose it. For instance, the Adega Velha 12 Years Old can have in its constitution batches from 8 to 18 years old. The average of the different batches corresponds to the age on the label.


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The exclusivity, demand and attention to detail of a brand with strong origins, make Adega Velha have a range of excellence.

How to drink Adega Velha

A unique brandy, many occasions

Adega Velha is a surprisingly versatile brandy, which can be enjoyed on many occasions, and in different ways. To get the best out of the experience it is very important to choose the right glass.