Adega VelhaAdega Velha’s immersive experience: Adega Velha Brandy Ambassador

Adega Velha’s immersive experience: Adega Velha Brandy Ambassador

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Find out all about the new Adega Velha Brandy Ambassador.

Adega Velha welcomes every true brandy connoisseur with the new Adega Velha Brandy Ambassador. The program includes an array of immersive experiences in a dreamy setting, where participants are immersed in the ancient tradition of brandy production. Find out all about the Adega Velha Brandy Ambassador.


What is the Adega Velha Brandy Ambassador?

The Adega Velha Brandy Ambassador is dedicated to professionals and connoisseurs. This programme shares the history, production methods and harmonization tips of Adega Velha old brandy with other drinks and food.

It is a program rich in learning and sharing, especially focused on the brandy production process, from harvesting to bottling, while also highlighting the challenges of maintaining the quality in each bottle. The participants will have a unique opportunity to get to know the processes that master winemakers have perpetuated for centuries until today.


What are the highlights of the Adega Velha Brandy Ambassador?

The Adega Velha Brandy Ambassador offers to its participants several unique moments.

Demonstration in the pot still, now as before

Brandy distillation is carried out in a pot still and goes through several stages. In this event, participants will be invited to learn more about the main stages of the brandy distillation process. From watching the first stages of heating to witnessing how distillation works firsthand and finally, to how conservation in wooden barrels is carried out, this is the event for those who want to know how brandy earns its authentic aroma and flavour.

Visit to Adega Velha, a journey back in time

Participants are invited to visit Adega Velha, discover the gardens and contemplate the vineyards as far as the eye can see. This mythical space includes centuries-old trees and exotic species such as the Japanese cedar or the swamp cypress, as well as more than 90 species of camellias. It is worth discovering the teahouse on the lake and the enigmatic “Torre das Cabras”, home to a friendly family of dwarf goats. Along the path, besides the beauty of the rural landscape, there is still room to do a cask test, and taste brandy still aging in barrels.

Masterclass, to discover the old brandy’s secrets

In a class guided by experienced professionals that are passionate about the wine world, participants will learn about the different characteristics of brandy, cognac, and armagnac. The key details involved in the different processes of distillation and aging will be addressed, from the ingredients, production process, flavour, alcohol content and, finally, the various tasting profiles.

Blends, the moment to taste

In this event, participants will taste unique blends. This experience was designed to wow spirits lovers, who will be guided to get the most out of the tasting.

The flavours and aromas are progressively explored towards greater intensity, and everyone will be invited to analyse several parameters and slowly taste the drink to identify the different aromas and textures.

Cocktail Adega Velha Twist, the recipe for your next party

Adega Velha Twist is a delicious cocktail that combines the rich and complex flavour of Adega Velha with the citrus freshness of the orange. Participants will be able to learn how to prepare this drink with all the necessary ingredients, using a special preparation method. In the end, everyone will be ready to replicate this recipe at home, sharing with family and friends the Adega Velha Twist!

The Brandy Ambassador program delights the senses with a tour through the main stages of the brandy distillation process, an inspiring journey into Adega Velha’s history, a special Masterclass and several memorable tastings of different blends!


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