Adega Velha 30 Years Old

Adega Velha 30 Years Old

Adega Velha 30 anos fulfills the dream of creating a unique brandy. The base of Adega Velha 12 years is a red wine subjected to two slow and careful distillations in the Charentais still. After the distillation process, the brandy is aged in French oak barrels from the Limousin region. The final batch has an average age of 30 years.

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Serving Temperature: between 15° to 17°C

Grapes: Vinhão, Azal Tinto, Borraçal and Espadeiro

Region: Vinho Verde

Colour: Bright, with a topaz hue. | Aroma: Very fine and pure aromas such as vanilla, orange peel, and English cake. | Taste: Intense palate, with a smooth and velvety texture.

Ideally served as a digestive. Perfectly complements succulent and indulgent desserts, such as Abade de Priscos pudding or almond tart with salted caramel.

Producer: Aveleda

Region: Vinho Verde

Designation of Origin: DOC

Country: Portugal

Grapes: Vinhão, Azal Tinto, Borraçal and Espadeiro

Soil: Granitic and Sandy

Alcoholic Graduation: 40% Vol.

Total Acidity: <1 g/l

Enology: Diogo Campilho (Director of Oenology) | Susete Rodrigues (Winemaker)

The Snifter or balloon glass, with a narrower opening and a wider base, ensures an ideal experience.


If consumed pure, the brandy reveals strong aromas, and a long finish (both in smell and taste).

With Ice

The addition of 2 ice cubes dilutes the brandy and reduces the percentage of alcohol, making it smoother and lighter, highlighting the freshness and abundance of fruity aromas.

Diluted with a little bit of water

By adding a little bit of water, the sensation of the alcohol intensity decreases, and the aromas become fruitier, making the tasting experience smoother. Just add the water at the time.

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The exclusivity, demand and attention to detail of a brand with strong origins, make Adega Velha have a range of excellence.

Vinery in the heart of Italy, since 1934.

Adega Velha Twist
Adega Velha Twist