Adega VelhaHow to drink Adega Velha: 3 irresistible options

How to drink Adega Velha: 3 irresistible options

grupo de amigos a brincar com cocktail feitos com aguardente da adega velha
Neat or in cocktails, there are several ways to appreciate this versatile drink. Find the best ways to taste Adega Velha. Old Brandy has a rich and complex flavour, thanks in part to the distillation and aging process in oak barrels. The way you drink it enhance its aromas of fruits, spices, wood, and other flavours. Find the best ways to taste Adega Velha and elevate your experience.  

1. Adega Velha Neat

The classic approach to taste Adega Velha old brandy is also the simplest: enjoy it neat to fully appreciate the complexity of its flavours and aromas. It’s important to use an appropriate glass, a wide balloon glass that tapers slightly at the top is our recommendation. This glass provides the surface area needed to release all the subtleties of the aromas, while the tapered part helps concentrate them near the nose. The most common option is to serve Adega Velha at room temperature, usually between 18 and 20 ºC. Appreciate the aromas before taking small sips, allowing the flavour to develop slowly.  

2. Add water to Adega Velha

Adding a small amount of mineral water to Adega Velha helps reduce the alcoholic intensity and brings out subtle aromas. It’s a way to reveal fruity, floral, and spicy flavours, making the experience smoother. We suggest starting with a 1:1 ratio (equal parts Adega Velha and water) and adjusting as needed until you find the mix that you enjoy the most. See how the water interacts the aroma and taste of the drink and discover nuances that would otherwise not be as perceptible.  

3. Adega Velha in cocktails

Brandy adds a distinct and captivating flavour to any cocktail. Adega Velha, in particular, creates a new sensory layer that complements other ingredients perfectly. Moreover, being a distilled beverage, it conveys a refined touch, making the drink even more memorable. Whether in citrusy, fruity, spicy, or herbal cocktails, Adega Velha can adapt and harmonize with different flavours, bringing a completely new dimension to your favourite cocktails. On our website, you can find several cocktail recipes created with Adega Velha, with the proper proportions and techniques to achieve the desired effect. For example, the Twist cocktail stands out for its ginger taste and the freshness of orange. The Adega Velha Mule cocktail features a sophisticated touch of lime and mint. Meanwhile, the Adega Velha Sour masterfully combines the flavours of orange and chocolate. Perfect for a special occasions with your loved ones.  

Adega Velha, the perfect old brandy for the best cocktails

More than just an old brandy, Adega Velha is the perfect drink for creating, sharing, and experiencing great moments. Make the most of all these unique flavours by trying our cocktails and adjusting the proportions according to your personal taste. Plan your next dinner party with family and friends and create the best cocktails with Adega Velha!


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