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Adega Velha

Adega Velha is much more than an old brandy. It is the beginning or the end of a good conversation. A way to toast to life, individually or with a group of friends, pure or as the main ingredient of a cocktail, it can be enjoyed however you like!

The key is to know how to enjoy it the right way: pure, diluted with ice, with a little bit of water, or served as a cocktail. The Adega Velha fits all tastes.


Ways of consuming


If consumed pure, the brandy reveals strong aromas, and a long finish (both in smell and taste).

With Ice

The addition of 2 ice cubes dilutes the brandy and reduces the percentage of alcohol, making it smoother and lighter, highlighting the freshness and abundance of fruity aromas.

Diluted with a little bit of water

By adding a little bit of water, the sensation of the alcohol intensity decreases, and the aromas become fruitier, making the tasting experience smoother. Just add the water at the moment of consumption.

In Cocktails

​The consumption of brandy is naturally extending to the diverse moments, particularly with the creation of cocktails that maintain the integrity of this unique brandy while enabling unique experiences.


​​The glass used plays a crucial role

The choice of the glass plays a very important role when enjoying Adega Velha. This choice can influence the sense of smell and the tasting experience of the brandy. 

A glass with a narrower opening and a wider base, ensures an ideal experience of the aromatic bouquet of this nectar. However, in the case of cocktails there are other serving options.

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